Worship Service, 10:30 a.m.

Our worship service is probably not what you'd expect from a Baptist church worship service. The last thing our service is stiff and boring. We really do believe that Jesus is with us and touching us by the power of his Holy Spirit. We generally start by having about 30 minutes of singing. Our music is quite diverse, but primarily draws from gospel, jazz, and contemporary worship styles. We have a time where people can share how God has been working in styles. We have a time where people can share how God has been working in their life. Boy is that encouraging! We also have a time of prayer. The sermons generally last about 30 minutes, and are focused on practically applying God's Word to our lives. At the end of the service we have a prayer team that would love to pray for your specific prayer needs.

Worship Team

At North Park, the musical aspect of worship is not performance. It is an avenue to guide the congregation closer to the experience of God. We prayerfully lead worship through song, instrument and Scripture reading. That said, we have some amazing musicians and vocalists. Our directors, Gail Gipson and Mark Jennings both an incredible gift of bringing out and developing peoples musical gifts. If you love to sing or play, even if you are a beginner, we would be excited to talk to you about being a part of this exciting ministry.  Contact Mark or Gail  for more information. 

Nursery- Birth to 3 Years

You may leave your little ones  in our nursery, where nurture, fun and wonderful care giving await. Please sign in your child and take one of our pagers. We will contact you if there is any problem. Parents are requested to pick up their children at the nursery immediately following the service.

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